I am a composer, musician and educator. My primary instruments are Double Bass, Saxophone and Voice. I play across the genres of Jazz, Folk and Roots music with specialist interests in Bluegrass, New Orleans Jazz, Old Time, Alpine Folk, Western Swing and Celtic Folk.

The commonalities between these musical styles are collaborative musicianship and community tradition. I am drawn to music that is both immediate and complex: joyful and compelling to audiences, without compromising on artistic expression and nuance. I have created four ensembles through which to explore my interests, composing original music for each as well as celebrating traditional repertoire.

My compositions require musicians to listen and interact closely with one another whilst bringing their own voice and influences to the performance. As an educator I aim to develop musicians as both sympathetic and individual; encouraging students to find their own unique sound as well as an understanding of how to sit and blend with their fellow players.

In the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of my heroes such as Dr John, Dirk Powell,  Darol Anger, Bruce Molsky , The Time-Jumpers and a few others, other credits include Taylor Swift , Seal, Jonathon Edwards  and more.  I’ve also developed some new heroes amongst my peers. My main passion in life is to make music with others who take it as seriously and love it as much as I do.



2017 The Coalminers Brass Band –  “Time To Move

2017 Tad Sargent & Loic Blejean – ‘Loic Blejean & Tad Sargent’

2017 Honeyjack – ‘8 Track

2016 Steve & Ben Somers – ‘The Highway Is My Home

2016 The Peregrines – ‘Introducing

2015 Ben Somers – ‘Brass Hysteria‘ 

2015 Aar Manna – ‘Daadaar

2014 Jason Titley – ‘Still Rollin’

2011 Leon Hunt Ntet – ‘Farewell Blues

The Coalminers – ‘Who’s Ready

2011 The Kate Williams Septet – ‘Made Up

2011 Marcus Foster ‘Rushes & Reeds

Paddy Milner & Earl Thomas

Paddy Milner

Paddy Milner – Walking On Eggshells’

Awake – ‘Just Have To Grow’

The Brothers Ignatius – ‘Stackin Up’

Dub Colossus’ – ‘Satta Masagana’

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Tongue ‘N Cheek”

The Wagon Tales – ‘Introducing’

Dub Colossus – ‘Addis Through The Looking Glass’

Mama’s Gun – ‘Pots Of Gold’

The Will Collier Septet – ‘Porcelain Frogs’

The Will Collier Septet – ‘Everybody Loves’

The Outsiders feat.Chris Watson